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This past year the Lord enabled me to finish two different books that we pray will encourage and inspire believers, and that one of them in particular, will be used as an evangelistic tool to reach the lost for Christ. The first book is entitled, “Can We Talk About God?” This book addresses some of the questions that many people have about God, Jesus, the Bible, and other related topics. Think of it as an extended gospel tract. It’s purpose is not to go into great detail about these vital truths, but to serve as a basic introduction to the Christian faith. It is easy to read and as previously stated, a great way to share our faith with others.

The second book is entitled, “Breakfast with Jesus.” This book includes devotionals all taken from John 21. It is one of my favorite settings in the Bible and it is amazing how many life lessons can be found there. These devotions touch on various areas of life and the Christian life.

Both books can be found at lulu.com. Simply go to the website’s “search” area and type in my name, Allen Atkins, or the titles of the books. They can be purchased from practically anywhere in the world. This is a great way to share the gospel, encourage someone and support the Amen Ministry. We pray they will be a blessing to you and to others.

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