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One of my favorite things to do is to sit on my Mom and Dad’s front porch with them and just talk.  Their front porch overlooks a little pond and there is almost always a breeze that blows across that porch, even during the summer months.  It can get hot and dry out in the yard, but on that porch there is shade, a cool breeze, and communion and fellowship with my mother and father.  Telephones, email, Facebook, etc., are all nice to have, but nothing can replace being on that porch in person with my Mom and Dad.

The same is true in our relationship with God.  We can find ourselves in dry desert places along the way, but the time we spend with our Heavenly Father in prayer, His word and in worship of Him is like spending time on God’s front porch.  We can enjoy sweet fellowship with Him while the Holy Spirit blows across our soul like a cool, refreshing breeze.  Daily time alone with God is vital to our sanity, peace of mind, and overall physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  If time alone with God in prayer, worship, and His Word is not a priority for you, then that definitely needs to change.  Your Lord is waiting for you on His front porch, desiring to spend time with you, His child.

Along those lines, Lisa and I are trying to prepare for our last little birdie to fly the coop.  Many of you have been in this same position in your lives.  We bring up our children in the nurture, fear, and admonition of the Lord, by the grace of God prepare them as best we can, and then send them out for them to live out God’s purposes for their lives.  However, as many of you know, it still isn’t easy when the time comes for us to release them to fly away on their own.

Our Wynken left the nest years ago.  He has three chickadees of his own.  It is very satisfying to see how God is using him and his family.  Blynken and her hubbie are about to fly even further away as they begin a new adventure in ministry.  We have been blessed to have Nod with us for a good long while, but she too is about to be married and leave the home nest.  We know that we are very blessed by God with our family.  Wynken is our laughter, Blynken is our song and Nod is our sunshine.  In tribute to one of our favorite episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, yes, the old home cage is starting to look empty, but as we watch our offspring take flight, discover and live out God’s purposes for their lives; the cage may be starting to look empty, but the trees sure are beginning to sound nice and full.

Amazed and Grateful to God,



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