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     Thank you for your prayers for the mission to Poland.  God was gracious and He answered all of our prayers for the trip.  We expected between 60-70 in attendance for the Conference on Revival.  Instead, we had 120 pastors and church leaders!  All of them said that they were blessed, encouraged, and refreshed by our time together.  These pastors came from four different nations and from various denominations, but God gave us a unity of heart, spirit, and purpose.  He blessed us with His presence and He worked in many hearts.  It was a privilege to serve the men and women who attended.  Because of your prayers and gifts, you were also a major part of that blessing.

     Even though our primary purpose for this trip was encouragement for the pastors and a conference on revival, our team also had the joy of witnessing several people pray to receive Christ.  We preached in several churches, two prisons, and two of us were able to distribute many gospel tracts.  We were also able to leave about 200 tracts for the churches to share.

     In one of the evening services, the Lord led me to preach from the Gospel of Luke.  It was the fourth chapter where Jesus read from the book of Isaiah.  The message was entitled, “There is Hope!”  A homeless man walked into the service.  He is only twenty-seven years old, but he looks about thirty years older than his actual age.  When I announced the text, I noticed that it got his attention.  You see, this young man’s name is Luke.  He listened intently to the message.  After the service, he shared his story with us.  His is a story of much sorrow and loss.  He told us that he walked in that night with a broken heart, but he heard that Jesus came to heal the broken-hearted.  I am glad to tell you that Luke prayed to receive Christ that night.  Please pray that he will now grow in the Lord.

     Believe it or not, only one-tenth of one percent of the people of Poland claim to be born-again, evangelical Christians.  The need for revival and spiritual awakening in that nation is almost overwhelming.  I ask you to pray for the pastors and churches of Poland.  Pray that God will do a mighty work in that nation.  I ask you to especially remember Pastor Kamil.  We believe that God has raised up this young man for such a time as this in his country.  It is Pastor Kamil that had the burden and vision for the revival conference.  Pray that God’s hand will be upon him and that the Lord will continue to use him in a mighty way.

     Thank you for your love, prayers, encouragement and your gifts.  Please pray that God will open doors for ministry in 2014 and that the funds will be provided to continue this ministry to which He has called us.  Pray that we will be faithful and trust Him completely in all things.  We love you all and we thank God for you.

In Christ’s service,

Allen & Lisa

Psalm 72:19


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