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Several years ago, I was asked to preach in a revival meeting in a rural Baptist church in west Alabama.  The pastor, a good friend of mine, asked me if I could sing one night.  I told him I would be glad to.

On the night I was scheduled to sing, I told the church’s soundman that I needed to set up the song with a brief introduction.  Just before I finished the introduction, I told him that I would motion subtly to him and that would be his cue to start the song.

When the time came for me to sing, I began to tell the story behind the song.  Near the end of the introduction I motioned ever so slightly toward the soundman so he could begin the soundtrack.  The sound booth in this particular church was in a very bad location.  It was behind the choir loft and over to one side.  The booth had a large window that was not tinted or even one-way glass.  It was just a large pane of clear glass.  Everyone in the church could see everything that was going on in the sound booth.

I thought to myself, “Surely, he saw me motion for him to start the music.”  However, there was no sound of music coming from the speakers.  I hated to be so obvious, but I turned around to see what the problem was.  When I turned around I saw the problem.  The whole church could see the problem.  The sound booth had a telephone in it and apparently the soundman decided the introduction to my song would be a convenient time to make a phone call.  I motioned toward him again.  This time it was not subtle or slight.  He then made a motion to me.  He held up the index finger of his right hand as if to say, “Just a minute preacher, I’m busy.”

I couldn’t believe it!  I didn’t know whether to get mad or laugh.  After a few more seconds, he finished his phone call, hung up, and started my soundtrack.  I sang the song, but I still couldn’t believe what had just happened.

That makes me wonder how God feels about us sometimes.  He has a word He wants us to hear, or an assignment He wants us to fulfill and we hold up our hand and say, “Just a minute Lord, I’m busy.”  Oh, we say it more with our attitudes than we actually verbalize it, but you know that it happens.

The God of the universe desires to speak to us and use us for His glory and we tell Him either by attitude, word, or lack of response that we are too busy to listen and obey.  Oh, what blessings and precious time of communion with the Lord we miss when we think we are so busy.

It is an amazing thing that the King of Kings and Lord of Lords wants to have anything at all to do with us, but thankfully, He does.  I suggest that when He signals to us that He wants our attention, we hang up everything else we may be doing and simply say, “Speak Lord, for Thy servant heareth.”



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