This past year the Lord enabled me to finish two different books that we pray will encourage and inspire believers, and that one of them in particular, will be used as an evangelistic tool to reach the lost for Christ. The first book is entitled, “Can We Talk About God?” This book addresses some of the questions that many people have about God, Jesus, the Bible, and other related topics. Think of it as an extended gospel tract. It’s purpose is not to go into great detail about these vital truths, but to serve as a basic introduction to the Christian faith. It is easy to read and as previously stated, a great way to share our faith with others.

The second book is entitled, “Breakfast with Jesus.” This book includes devotionals all taken from John 21. It is one of my favorite settings in the Bible and it is amazing how many life lessons can be found there. These devotions touch on various areas of life and the Christian life.

Both books can be found at lulu.com. Simply go to the website’s “search” area and type in my name, Allen Atkins, or the titles of the books. They can be purchased from practically anywhere in the world. This is a great way to share the gospel, encourage someone and support the Amen Ministry. We pray they will be a blessing to you and to others.

In Christ’s service,



Hidden Heroes

In the final chapters of 1 Chronicles we read the names of many people who served King David and the nation of Israel. If you are familiar with the Bible you will recognize several of the names. We read the names of David’s mighty men, the names of those who served as captains of thousands of soldiers, the names of temple musicians and singers, along with the names of those who had very public positions within the nation.

Then in 1 Chronicles 27:28, we read the name of Joash. Joash was in charge of the storehouses of oil. This was not the most glamorous or popular job in the kingdom. Some of the others listed in these chapters were national heroes while others were most likely literally applauded for their efforts. Joash, on the other hand, had a job that sometimes took him to lonely, isolated places because the storehouses of oil were scattered throughout the country.

However, Joash’s assignment, believe it or not, was one of the most important in the kingdom. You see, oil was one of the most precious commodities in Israel. Oil was used to anoint and consecrate the kings, priests and prophets of Israel. It was used to anoint all of the furniture and utensils that were used in the temple. Oil was used for medicinal purposes, for fuel to light the lamps, and for cooking. Oil was also used to condition and maintain the shields of the army of Israel. Oil was vital to the security and daily life of the nation. And, one man, Joash, was in charge of the nation’s storehouses of oil. The nation, as a whole, more than likely did not know Joash or anything about his assignment. But, his family knew and more importantly, the king knew. Apparently, Joash was faithful in his service to the Lord, the king, and the nation.

There are many well known pastors, preachers, Bible teachers and ministries in the world today. However, the vast majority of those who serve the Lord are like Joash. They will never sell millions of books. They will never have a church with an attendance of thousands. But, like Joash, they will faithfully serve their church, their ministry and the Lord.

Jesus is our King. We serve Him with all our hearts. You may serve the Lord in an isolated, lonely place. You may serve the Lord in an area where you and your fellow believers are persecuted for your faith. Jesus knows your name, He knows where you are and how you are serving Him. Be faithful to the end and the Lord will present you with the crown of glory. Serve the Lord with all your heart and you will hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” May God bless you in every way as you serve Him. You are His hidden hero.

In Christ’s service,


It’s Been a Long Time

First of all, my apologies to everyone for how long it has been since I have updated this post. There are many excuses, but I suppose, no good reasons. Church ministry has been extremely busy for the past couple of years and especially, this year of 2020.

We have added a Facebook page for the Amen Ministry. I hope you will follow it as well. My wife has done a wonderful job keeping it updated with sermons. I will, Lord willing, do a much better job with personal posts.

It appears that although this blog has not been updated in some time, many people are still reading previous posts. I am humbled and grateful. I pray that you will be encouraged and edified as you serve the Lord and live for Jesus.

Two words that the Holy Spirit has spoken to my heart for 2021 are obedience and joy. Many of us serve the Lord out of love and even duty. There is nothing wrong with serving the Lord out of a spirit of duty. However, are we serving Him with joy? Our joy and peace are definitely being tested. You may be emotionally and physically exhausted and spiritually dry. The Bible tells us in Nehemiah 8:10 that the joy of the Lord is our strength. May we serve the Lord in 2021 with complete obedience and joy.

In Christ’s service,


Just Up the Hill

Many of us are heartbroken over the news of the passing of Billy Graham.  Yet, we can also rejoice knowing that he is with his beloved wife Ruth and in the presence of the Lord whom He served so faithfully for decades.  If I were to write all of my thoughts about Billy Graham, this article would be too long and most of you might not read all of it.

Those of my generation grew up with Billy Graham being a household name.  Whenever one of his crusades was being televised, you can be sure that was the program our family would be watching.  As I grew older and knew that the Lord was calling me into the ministry, Billy Graham became one of my heroes and main role models for life and ministry.  One of the greatest privileges of my life was to serve as the Operation Andrew director for Franklin Graham’s Festival in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Lisa served as a secretary in the Festival office for a year.  During that time, we met so many of the Graham team members and learned even more about the man for whom we had so much love and respect.

His ministry literally impacted the world.  One of the first times we went to Romania, our mission team was sharing the Gospel in a large park.  We were using the Billy Graham tract, “Steps to Peace with God.”  Many of the people saw the name of the author on the front of the tract and said with a smile, “Ah, Billy Graham!”  This was almost twenty years after Billy Graham had last visited Romania.

For years, our family vacation was spent in Montreat, North Carolina.  That was our place to relax, be refreshed and recharge our batteries.  The home we always rented was literally just down the road from the Graham’s home which was at the top of the mountain.  One year we found a DVD about the life and ministry of Billy Graham.  As we watched the DVD, Lisa’s and my eyes were filled with tears as it showed scenes from his meetings in Romania and Hungary, places which had become so dear to us.  We were especially moved as we watched hundreds of people responding to the Gospel.  I looked over at Lisa and said, “We’re sitting here watching this and he (Billy Graham) is just up the hill!”

Many people are asking, “Who will be the next Billy Graham?”  Friends, there will not be another Billy Graham.  There may not ever be another minister with the same worldwide influence and impact.  This is a time for us to remember that as Christians, we are all ministers and that God has a ministry for each of us and that He has called all of us to be witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Billy Graham was a faithful servant and witness of the Lord.  More than ever before, let us be resolved to be faithful and to be loving and bold witnesses of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Graham has moved into his new home “just up the hill” from the rest of us.  In the time that we have left here on this earth, by the grace of God and for the glory of God, let us make everyday count for the Kingdom of God.  Let us daily walk with the King and ask Him to use us to be a blessing to others.  “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” (1 Corinthians 15:58 NKJV)

The Next Big Thing

It has been a while since we have had a major ministry project overseas apart from mission trips.  The ministry of The House of Hope Children’s Home has been a blessing to many.  It is a literal lifesaver for the boys and girls who live there and it is a life changing experience for those who are able to visit in person.  Over the past several years many mission teams have made that visit and they have seen firsthand how God has changed the lives of these young people through The House of Hope.  Others have been able to meet some of the children when they have visited churches here in the U.S. with Pastor Mihai and his wife, Dana.

On their most recent visit to America, Pastor Mihai shared with me that a man who owns land adjoining The House of Hope has offered a much needed acre of land to The House of Hope for half of the original asking price.  This land will provide a buffer for The House of Hope and any potential future development.  However, there is another need for this land that Pastor Mihai shared with me.  For several years, he and Dana have been concerned about what will happen to the children once they turn eighteen years old.  You see, once the children turn eighteen, they can no longer live in The House of Hope.  Therefore, there is a need for some type of transitional housing for the children before they obtain a full-time job and/or get married.  Pastor Mihai’s vision involves building a few duplex-type units on this acre of land that will serve as that transitional housing.

This will not become permanent housing for the children, but again, a place to live as they transition from childhood to adulthood.  This is especially important for the girls to have the security of this type of housing before they are married.  In time, after they obtain a job, the young people who live in these units will also be responsible for their share of the costs for living there.  The construction costs of these units is amazingly affordable compared to similar housing in the U.S.

If you would like to be a part of this exciting new ministry project, please pray about what God would have you to do.  Gifts to The Amen Ministry are tax deductible and you will help provide a tremendous blessing for these young people who have been adopted by Pastor Mihai and his church family.  The contact information for The Amen Ministry is on a separate page on this website.  For your convenience, however, here it is

The Amen Ministry

PO Box 214

Albertville, AL  35950

Finally, we are planning a mission trip to Romania for March 15-23 of next year.  We will be working with Pastor Mihai and his team as we seek to plant two new churches in areas where there is no evangelical church.  Friends, this is some of the most rewarding ministry you could ever be a part of.  Please begin praying with us now that God will prepare the mission team and the hearts of the people in these two areas.  We pray that many people will come to know Christ through these projects.  Thank you for your love, encouragement, prayers and support.  May the Lord bless you all in every way.

In Christ’s service,


“It feels like 1968.”  That is what the congressman who was being interviewed on a national news program said the day following the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise and several others at a suburban baseball field in Virginia.  It is being alleged that Scalise and about twenty-five other congressmen and staffers were the targets of an assassination attempt.  Because of the bravery of the Capitol Police detail assigned to Scalise, the Alexandria police department, and the grace and protection of God, none of them lost their lives.  But, what did the congressman mean when he said, “It feels like 1968.”

Many of you probably do not remember 1968.  As far as that goes, many of you reading this article may not have even been born yet.  1968 was not a good year for America.  We were in the middle of the Civil Rights movement, which involved numerous bloody incidents, not just in the South, but in many parts of the United States.  The country was divided over the Vietnam War and there were daily protests, sometimes violent and even deadly, in the streets and on college campuses.  So called, “free love,” and rampant drug abuse destroyed the lives of many young people.  That explosive year was made even more tragic with the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.  As I have written before, it is only by the grace and mercy of God that America was not literally torn asunder.

What does this have to do with what we are witnessing today?  Veteran newsman Brit Hume said on the day of the Scalise shooting, he has not seen this much animosity and divisiveness in Washington, D.C. in many, many years.  The division we see and can even feel, however, goes far beyond the Beltway of Washington.  We have always had our differences of opinion, but our nation is still greatly divided over matters of religion, race, politics, and many other issues.  We are divided over the sanctity of human life, the definition of marriage, healthcare reform, and tax reform.  We see extreme groups on the left and on the right whose rhetoric is fanning the flames of civil disobedience and even violence.  In recent days we have seen one infamous celebrity hold the likeness of a bloodied and beheaded President Trump and at least one theatrical play that pictures his assassination in the same light as that of Julius Caesar’s.  Deaths from drug overdoses are skyrocketing while dozens of evangelical churches permanently close their doors every month.  If we do not experience true revival and spiritual awakening; we may experience riots, division and violence that would make 1968 look like a Sunday School picnic.

But, I also want to remind you, something else was taking place in America in 1968.  In the midst of all the violence, protests and problems plaguing our land, God was at work.  In 1968, the Jesus Movement was beginning in the hearts of many young adults and teenagers on the West Coast. In the next few years it would spread across the nation.  People were set free from drug addiction, sexual immorality, and lifestyles bent on self-destruction.  Churches were filled with new life, new songs of praise and a generation of young people who were ready to reach their families and the world for Jesus Christ.  It was a spiritual revolution that changed thousands of lives forever.  I know, because as a young teenager several years after the Jesus Movement began, the Lord did a work of revival in my life and called me to a deeper relationship with Him for which I am so grateful. Oh, how we need a fresh wave of the life-changing power of Jesus Christ to sweep across America again!

Many of the things we are experiencing in America today may have the look and feel of 1968.  If so, could we be on the verge of the next great revival and spiritual awakening in our land?  May God have mercy on us and revive us again!

In Christ’s service,


Far too many people today have a consumer mentality when it comes to the church and even to worship.  This takes on the attitude of, “Preacher, say something that will make me laugh and make me feel better.” “Choir, sing a song that will inspire me.”  “Church, what will you do for me?”

Worship, of course, is not primarily for us but for God.  God alone is worthy of the full attention and adoration of our hearts and minds.  He alone is worthy to be praised and glorified.  However, even though our worship is to be God-centered and not man or self-centered, there are many blessings that we do receive when we truly worship the Lord.  I want to remind us of three of those blessings as we think about the power of true worship.

True worship is a powerful…

-Way of comfort and encouragement:

From Job to David to Jesus Himself, we see throughout Scripture the comfort, hope and encouragement that came to those who worshiped the Lord in spirit and in truth.  Job fell to the ground and worshiped after he received bad news after bad news.  As long as his focus remained on the Lord, Job received the strength and hope he needed to go through trials that you and I would never wish on anyone.  Through all of his heartache, Job still declared, “Blessed be the Name of the Lord!”  Yes, he later turned to self-pity and questioning God, but when the Lord reminded Job of His sovereign power and majesty in chapters thirty-eight through forty-one; Job regained the perspective of Heaven, confessed, repented and once again worshiped.  God then blessed Job even more than before.

Over and over again we read of David making the choice to rejoice, even in the midst of severe loss and affliction.  We need to learn from David.  There may be times when we do not feel like praising God, but David said, “I will praise Him; I will bless the Lord.”  The amazing thing is, the more we choose to worship and praise God, the more we begin to feel like it.  Worship begins to turn my attention and focus from myself, other people, my problems and my situation, and it focuses on God. Worship reminds me of who God is, what God has done for me in the past, the power and promises of God, and what God can do for me again if I will trust Him.

Even Jesus found renewed strength, comfort and encouragement from times of prayer and worship.  These included His time of temptation in the wilderness, His personal declarations of praise that we read throughout the Gospels, and even the night of despair in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Many Bible scholars believe the traditional Passover song that was sung by Jesus and the disciples in the Upper Room on the night of His betrayal and arrest was Psalm 118.  I want to encourage you to read it and see how it applies to what Jesus was about to endure and how it would have given Him strength, comfort and hope.

True God-centered worship may not immediately change your circumstances, but it will change you.  In the next article, we will look at further truths about the power of worship.

In Christ’s service,


One of my favorite things to do is to sit on my Mom and Dad’s front porch with them and just talk.  Their front porch overlooks a little pond and there is almost always a breeze that blows across that porch, even during the summer months.  It can get hot and dry out in the yard, but on that porch there is shade, a cool breeze, and communion and fellowship with my mother and father.  Telephones, email, Facebook, etc., are all nice to have, but nothing can replace being on that porch in person with my Mom and Dad.

The same is true in our relationship with God.  We can find ourselves in dry desert places along the way, but the time we spend with our Heavenly Father in prayer, His word and in worship of Him is like spending time on God’s front porch.  We can enjoy sweet fellowship with Him while the Holy Spirit blows across our soul like a cool, refreshing breeze.  Daily time alone with God is vital to our sanity, peace of mind, and overall physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  If time alone with God in prayer, worship, and His Word is not a priority for you, then that definitely needs to change.  Your Lord is waiting for you on His front porch, desiring to spend time with you, His child.

Along those lines, Lisa and I are trying to prepare for our last little birdie to fly the coop.  Many of you have been in this same position in your lives.  We bring up our children in the nurture, fear, and admonition of the Lord, by the grace of God prepare them as best we can, and then send them out for them to live out God’s purposes for their lives.  However, as many of you know, it still isn’t easy when the time comes for us to release them to fly away on their own.

Our Wynken left the nest years ago.  He has three chickadees of his own.  It is very satisfying to see how God is using him and his family.  Blynken and her hubbie are about to fly even further away as they begin a new adventure in ministry.  We have been blessed to have Nod with us for a good long while, but she too is about to be married and leave the home nest.  We know that we are very blessed by God with our family.  Wynken is our laughter, Blynken is our song and Nod is our sunshine.  In tribute to one of our favorite episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, yes, the old home cage is starting to look empty, but as we watch our offspring take flight, discover and live out God’s purposes for their lives; the cage may be starting to look empty, but the trees sure are beginning to sound nice and full.

Amazed and Grateful to God,


Romania 2016

First of all, Lisa and I want to thank all of you for your love, prayers, encouragement, and support.  The work of the AMEN Ministry is possible because of God’s grace and your partnership in the Gospel.

In November we led a team of seventeen volunteers to northwest Romania. Ten of the seventeen were on their very first mission trip.  Part of the joy and blessing we receive is watching others experience their first overseas mission trip.  It was very evident that people were praying.  Once again, the Lord answered every prayer we were praying for our trip.

We were able to share the Gospel with over seven hundred people in the medical clinics and evangelistic services.  Sixty-seven people prayed to receive Christ!  In addition, two others publicly committed to believer’s baptism, which is a huge step of courage in many of these villages.

God showed Himself so strong in one village in particular.  Pastor Mihai had shared with me that the believers were facing great opposition from the established state-sponsored church.  He was concerned that there would be little response because of the fear and intimidation.  We saw the greatest response of the week in that village!  The medical clinic was the best attended and I was able to share the gospel and an invitation to the clinic with a group of parents, teachers and students in the public school.  Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world!

Because of God’s people giving so generously, we were able to leave a much needed supply of children’s vitamins and antibiotics with the House of Hope.  Also, we were able to leave medicine with the state orphanage in that region.

Of course, one of our team’s biggest blessings was getting to spend time with the children at the House of Hope.  Our team members absolutely fell in love with all the children.  God used our team to be a witness to the lost and an encouragement to the believers in the churches.

Everyone who went with us wants to go back.  Someone recently asked me, “What impressed you the most while you were in Romania?” My answer was, “Our team!”  It always amazes me how God puts together the exact group of people that we need.

There are other opportunities for 2017.  One of those is for the support of a young man who will be helping Bro. Mihai pastor two of the seven churches he oversees.  This young man will not receive a salary, but his transportation costs from the Baptist college in Bucharest to the Satu Mare area will be $100 a week.  ($400 a month) We already have one church that has committed to $100 a month for this need.  It is a tremendous help for Pastor Mihai and for the churches in Halmeu and Baba Novac.  Perhaps you or your church could help with the rest?  I want to remind you that the AMEN Ministry is still a FULL-TIME ministry with ongoing needs and commitments.  God is so faithful and again, we are so thankful to Him and to all of you.

May you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

In Christ’s service,


Psalm 72:19

Now and Then

“But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels, for the suffering of death crowned with glory and honor…” Hebrews 2:9

There are those who say the study of, preaching of, and conversations about Bible prophecy are useless.  I am especially saddened by so many younger pastors and preachers who, either by personal choice or influence from seminary professors, have been convinced that Bible prophecy is a waste of time.  One of the reasons they have been given is that we need to focus more on the problems of the here and now and let God worry about the future.  Another reason there is such a lack of emphasis on Bible prophecy from certain quarters within the church is because of the growing popularity of what is known as replacement theology.  Many are teaching that the Church has replaced Israel.  This simply is not true.  The Church is the Bride of Christ, comprised of all true believers, Jew and Gentile, but God also still has a plan and a purpose for Israel.

The need, as is true of most things in life and ministry, is balance.  A pastor should not teach and preach exclusively about Bible prophecy, but neither should a pastor completely neglect it.  If he does, he will have to leave out much of the Bible!  One of the main purposes of the preaching and teaching of Bible prophecy is to give us a fervency and an urgency for the here and now.  The needs and trials faced within the lives of individuals, couples, families, churches, and a nation need to be viewed and addressed within the context of the now and the then.  The motivation for life and for the way we live our lives needs to be with the perspective of the now and the then.  What do I mean by this?

Pastor and author, A.W. Tozer, can help us understand how to live our lives thinking of the now and the then.  Consider his words based on the verse quoted above from Hebrews 2:

“We see not all things under Him, but we see Jesus.  God has put all things in subjection under His feet.  For in that He put all in subjection under Him, He left nothing that is not put under Him.  We do not see it all done yet, but we have faith, and we see Jesus, who for a little while was made lower than angels in order that He might suffer death.  We see Him crowned with glory and honor at the right hand of God the Father Almighty.  And when He comes back again, He will put all things under His feet.

For myself, with God’s help, I want to live for that time.  I want my money to live for that time.  I want my talents, whatever they may be, to live for that time.  I want my time to be given for that hour when He comes back again.  I do not want to divide my time and live for the earth while this is approaching.  I believe with all my heart that God has put all things under His feet, and one of these days, He is coming back to take His power and to reign.  May God grant that you and I be ready.”

In every relationship, in our stewardship, in every temptation, in every opportunity, we need to live our lives with the perspective of the now and the then.  Everyday we need to realize that the return of Christ, whatever day that may be, is one day closer than ever before.  We need to remember that we will stand before Him and give an account of the now.  This mindset should affect who we are, how we live everyday, and have an impact on basically everything we do.  We are to live our lives to the fullest, everyday, enjoying the life God has given us, but always with the then in view.  If you live your life with the firm belief that Jesus truly could return at any moment, it will change your life.

On one final point, so many pastors and churches bemoan the fact that they are not seeing as many people come to faith in Christ as they once did and that their churches are not baptizing as many people as they once did, and that their church members do not have the burden for evangelism that they need to have; for them I have a reminder.  Revelation 19:10 has a powerful word for us concerning the now and then.  John wrote, “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”  John and the Lord are telling us, the whole point of prophecy, the spirit of prophecy is to testify of Jesus.  When a person and a church get a passion for the return of Christ, they will get a passion to see people come to faith in Christ.  The then has everything to do with the now.