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The Next Big Thing

It has been a while since we have had a major ministry project overseas apart from mission trips.  The ministry of The House of Hope Children’s Home has been a blessing to many.  It is a literal lifesaver for the boys and girls who live there and it is a life changing experience for those who are able to visit in person.  Over the past several years many mission teams have made that visit and they have seen firsthand how God has changed the lives of these young people through The House of Hope.  Others have been able to meet some of the children when they have visited churches here in the U.S. with Pastor Mihai and his wife, Dana.

On their most recent visit to America, Pastor Mihai shared with me that a man who owns land adjoining The House of Hope has offered a much needed acre of land to The House of Hope for half of the original asking price.  This land will provide a buffer for The House of Hope and any potential future development.  However, there is another need for this land that Pastor Mihai shared with me.  For several years, he and Dana have been concerned about what will happen to the children once they turn eighteen years old.  You see, once the children turn eighteen, they can no longer live in The House of Hope.  Therefore, there is a need for some type of transitional housing for the children before they obtain a full-time job and/or get married.  Pastor Mihai’s vision involves building a few duplex-type units on this acre of land that will serve as that transitional housing.

This will not become permanent housing for the children, but again, a place to live as they transition from childhood to adulthood.  This is especially important for the girls to have the security of this type of housing before they are married.  In time, after they obtain a job, the young people who live in these units will also be responsible for their share of the costs for living there.  The construction costs of these units is amazingly affordable compared to similar housing in the U.S.

If you would like to be a part of this exciting new ministry project, please pray about what God would have you to do.  Gifts to The Amen Ministry are tax deductible and you will help provide a tremendous blessing for these young people who have been adopted by Pastor Mihai and his church family.  The contact information for The Amen Ministry is on a separate page on this website.  For your convenience, however, here it is

The Amen Ministry

PO Box 214

Albertville, AL  35950

Finally, we are planning a mission trip to Romania for March 15-23 of next year.  We will be working with Pastor Mihai and his team as we seek to plant two new churches in areas where there is no evangelical church.  Friends, this is some of the most rewarding ministry you could ever be a part of.  Please begin praying with us now that God will prepare the mission team and the hearts of the people in these two areas.  We pray that many people will come to know Christ through these projects.  Thank you for your love, encouragement, prayers and support.  May the Lord bless you all in every way.

In Christ’s service,



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