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Romania 2014

We want to thank all of you for your prayers during our recent mission trip to Romania.  God is so amazing.  He answered every prayer for our trip.  The weather was the best we have ever experienced in Romania.  There were no problems with our flights, and everyone stayed healthy while we were there. Most importantly, the Lord blessed with many opportunities for ministry and for sharing the Gospel.  Everyone on the team contributed in helpful ways.  Because of your prayers and gifts, we were able to:

-Provide several hundred Bibles and hundreds of Gospel tracts

-Share the Gospel with over 700 people in the clinics and evangelistic services

-Leave much needed vitamins, antibiotics and other supplies at the House of Hope

-Provide all 24 children at the Houses of Hope with winter coats and two pairs of shoes

-See 50 people pray to receive Christ!

We were able to have a medical clinic in three different villages.  In these same villages, we held evangelistic services at night.  On Thursday, Chad Ward, pastor of Forest Hill Baptist in Linden, was able to go with Pastor Mihai and speak to a high school class at a state school in Satu Mare.  Chad was able to talk with the students on a variety of Bible related subjects and to share the Gospel.

On Friday, in the village of Tataresti, we had an unexpected opportunity for children’s ministry during the medical clinic.  School was out that day and about seventeen children spent most of their time outside the church with some of our team.  They played soccer and other games and we were able to feed them lunch.  The Gospel was also shared with them.  You could tell that several of these children were physically hungry and also hungry for someone to love them.  What a blessing it was to minister to them.

Saturday we spent several hours at the House of Hope #2.  While the rest of us spent time playing with the children, Dr. Eric Harding and his wife, Katherine, gave the children flu shots and an examination.  As I stated earlier, we were also able to leave medicine and a generous financial gift for the Houses of Hope.

Our translators, as always, were incredible.  We thank God for these young people who love Him and the people of their country.  They worked tirelessly alongside of us all week.

I must share with you one story of a young lady who worked with our team during the week.  She grew up in another religion and we were able to sow seeds of the Gospel in her life all week.  She observed us closely and we knew that all week she was counting the cost.  During the Sunday morning service at Bethel Baptist, she indicated that she prayed to receive Christ.  After the service, I talked with her to see if she had any questions.  Earlier in the week I talked with her about Jesus being the only door to Heaven and that she must go through Him for forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life.  All week as various team members shared with her and expressed God’s love toward her, she said she felt that God was drawing her closer.  So I asked her if she had walked through the door.  She said, “Yes, and He was there.”  Praise the Lord!  Testimonies like hers are what it is all about and you, dear partner in this ministry, were a vital part of her story.

In preparation for this trip we read and prayed over some of the passages in the Gospels that talked about Jesus and His disciples going from village to village preaching the Gospel, having compassion on the people, and healing the sick.  What a privilege it is to be a part of His Great Commission.  Those of you who gave and prayed were also on this team.  God answered your prayers and multiplied your gifts for His glory.  We could never thank Him or you enough.  So once again we say along with the psalmist, “And blessed be His glorious name forever!  And let the whole earth be filled with His glory, Amen and Amen!” (Psalm 72:19)



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