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June Update

Dear Friends & Partners,

We pray that all of you are doing well.  We have been very busy the past three months preparing for Lauren’s wedding.  The wedding was wonderful and God answered every prayer for the weekend.  Matt and Lauren are now living in Dothan where Matt is the student pastor at Heritage Baptist Church.  Daniel, Kristy,and the girls are well.  The Lord continues to bless the church where Daniel serves as pastor.  Faith is home for the summer.  Lisa and I are thankful that we can spend the next few weeks with her.

I have a few preaching opportunities at various churches here in West Alabama this month.  We are thankful for those.  In the next few weeks we will schedule the 2014 Romania mission trip.  As of now, it is set for the last week of March 2014.  The next overseas ministry that is scheduled is a trip to Poland in October.  I have been asked to join with two other ministries to teach pastors at the Warsaw Theological Seminary.  Pastors from across Poland will attend a three day conference on revival.  Then we will spend a few days preaching in revival meetings in various cities in Poland.

The next five months are critical for the support of the AMEN Ministry.  We are thankful for those who send us support every month.  This ministry would be impossible apart from the grace of God and the prayers and generosity of God’s people.  Over the next few weeks we need to be able to send the support for Pastor Dani and his family in Romania.  We also need the funds to provide for the radio program that airs every Monday morning on the four Moody Radio South stations.  Also, in addition to the support that provides for our own salary, $3,000 is needed for the mission trip to Poland.  Two thousand dollars covers my expenses and we have been asked to send $1,000 as soon as possible to help with the expenses for the pastors who will attend.  Between 100-200 pastors will be attending the conference.  We hope to be able to help with their travel, lodging, and meals.

Over the next few weeks, every gift will be much appreciated for the ongoing work of this ministry to which God has called us.  Seek the Lord’s leading in how He would have you invest in the work of His Kingdom through the AMEN Ministry.  There are other opportunities to teach pastors in several different nations, but it will only be possible if the needed resources are provided.  God is good and we are trusting Him to provide through His people.

Let me close with these exciting reports:  Pastor Mihai has told me that they have had the first baptism service in the new church at Halmeu.  Three new believers were baptized and he has more that are now attending a new believers class.  There are now seventeen children living at the House of Hope Children’s Home.  Special thanks goes to the VBS at Fairhaven.  They raised over $900 this past week for new shoes and school uniforms for the children at the House of Hope.  All praise and glory go to God!  God bless you all and keep us in your prayers.

In Christ’s service,

Allen & Lisa


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