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Everywhere you look there is unrest.  I don’t know if there is a single nation in the world that is satisfied with their leaders.  Three primary traits that seem to characterize so many world leaders are corruption, cowardice, and compromise.  This, of course, is not true of all world leaders, but sadly, it is true of many.  I read only this morning of one European nation that has been trying to choose a leader for its government for forty days with, so far, no success.  The United States may face a similar situation with our presidential election.  While there are some who are totally enthusiastic about their favorite candidate; most of the people I know are very discouraged with the choices we have.

As we look at the world through the lens of God’s Word, we can see how the world is being primed for the Antichrist.  Scripture tells us that in the last days the nations will clamor for a strong leader who will seem to have all the answers for the world’s greatest problems.  Out of a sea of unrest and political, religious, and economic turmoil, the devil will call out his false messiah.  He will first step onto the world stage as a man of peace, but after a period of time, the Antichrist’s true satanic nature will become manifest.  We can see how much of the world is ready to receive a charismatic leader who will appeal to the “best” in mankind.

Even though this man may already be somewhere in the world, waiting in the wings to make his appearance, we are never told in Scripture to look for the Antichrist.  More than ever before, those of us who know Jesus Christ need to have our eyes fixed on Him. (Hebrews 12:2)  Those of us who know the True Christ need to be growing in His Word, growing in prayer, and sharing the Gospel with those who, if they don’t know Christ, will fall for the lies of the Antichrist.

Now is not the time to be a politically correct, cultural Christian.  Now is not the time to be playing church.  The True Church of Jesus Christ needs to be salt and light in a world that needs to see Jesus in us.  No, we are not to look for or be anxious about the Antichrist, but while the world is being primed for him, we need to be looking to, looking for, and lifting up JESUS CHRIST as the true Hope of the world.

*Church sign I saw the other day:(Keep in mind the symbols of our two major political parties in America)      “If you’re tired of the elephant and the donkey; turn to the Lamb!”


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