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First of all, Lisa and I want to thank all of you for your prayers.  The Lord truly answered every prayer.  God watched over our family and our church family while I was in Poland.  He blessed with good health, smooth flights and beautiful weather.  Several times the people in Poland made statements like, “We cannot believe this great weather for this time of year.”  My response was, “I can.  People are praying!”  Also, the Lord answered our prayers concerning the conference.

In order to help you with some perspective, Poland has around forty million people, but there are only thirty to forty thousand evangelical believers in the entire country.  This would be the same as if there were only three to four thousand believers in the entire state of Alabama.  Think about it!  The average evangelical church in Poland will have between 25-30 people in attendance on a Sunday morning.

Pastor Kamil had asked me to teach the Bible prophecy conference in two parts.  First, he wanted to host a one-day conference that would be held from eleven in the morning until five in the evening.  This was held on a Saturday.  A little over 100 people attended the Saturday conference.  Some drove as much as 3 1/2 hours to be there.  There was a great response throughout the day.  The people asked many good questions and Kamil told me he received many positive comments.  Kamil said that everyone was encouraged by the teaching and that they were challenged to live a more holy life as we wait for the return of Christ.

During our Sunday morning sessions, a church in another city in Poland watched via live stream on the internet.  Kamil told me there were 100 people at that location.  In addition, he said there were believers in four other nations who were watching the services.  These believers were in Germany, England, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

The attendance for the remainder of the conference was very encouraging.  On Tuesday evening, Pastor Kamil told me there were more lost people in attendance than they had ever had before in a single service.  There were people in attendance that Kamil had been witnessing to and inviting for several years.  Some of these visitors told Kamil that they would continue to attend his church.  The best news is, there were at least five people who indicated that they had prayed to receive Christ.  Pastor Kamil and his church are going to follow up with these individuals.

Please continue to pray for Pastor Kamil, his family, and God’s work in Poland.  They are wonderful people, but as is true everywhere, more need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for your continued love, encouragement, financial support and prayers.  We thank God for you!

In Christ’s service,

Allen & Lisa


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